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A Star To Guide US

The next episode of Living World arrives on September 18. Watch the trailer below, and read on for more information on what you’ll find in next week’s release!

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Introduction and Rules

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We are an international guild focused on World versus World.

Main focus is open field fighting.

We have been based on Aurora Glade since the beginning
then we moved to Gandara since march 2017.

We are a lucky to have a very friendly community (some have known each other for years) and our ethos is very much to continue this trend while pushing ourselves to become a formidable fighting force in World versus World.

[CA] has several dedicated commanders who in unison with the guild as a whole, continuously develop our strategy and the builds used by all our members. The emphasis is very much on teamwork and all coming together to achieve our goals.

Our idea of fun is joining a WvW map and finding something to fight. To pursue this, we organise events nearly every day of the week and often something happens on the 'off nights' too. Although WvW is where our focus will remain (some members don't know there are other game modes), many of us indulge in PvE or PvP when not in WvW.

What we currently offer to our members:

  • Friendly community
  • Experienced Commanders
  • Plenty of organised WvW including 3 focused raids
  • Intense fighting

What we expect from our members:

  • Attendance of 3 nights a week minimum (exceptions for RL of course)
  • Using Guild builds (mandatory)
  • 100% wvw represent
  • Using Teamspeak for Guild raids (talking not mandatory but listening is)
  • Desire for improvement
  • No elitism attitude


Our  main goal is to build and develop a strong teamwork guild that its willing to improve everyday.

Will and effort are needed to become a group able to give fun and challenging fights and to learn to think as a team

If you are interested then leave a reply or get in touch with anyone of our members you spot in WvW and they will help you out.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Eshmoon, Thunderine and all of Chosen Alliance [CA]

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